Darko Malcevic

Music Producer for TV, Film & Media


 Darko Malčević, born in Zagreb, Croatia. With fifteen years of experience as a trumpeter in a brass orchestra, his musical journey expanded to the piano, where he completed his education and found his composing muse.

 Exploring digital music production alongside his trumpet days, a passion for electronic dance music led him to produce many releases in genres such as deep house, progressive house,melodic techno and Breakbeat.

 After 15 years of experience in music production he transitioned into composing for TV & Film. Over the past few years, while collaborating with several music libraries, he achieved numerous placements on various TV shows and films and also collaborates with various producers and vocalists to enhance his experience and expand his sonic palette.

 Specializing in electronic genres such as EDM, Pop, and Corporate. However, he also frequently ventures into the realm of world music by combining synthetic sounds with acoustic instruments.

Sample work :